25 Motorcycle Helmet Designs for an Extraordinary Ride

If you are to ride a motorcycle, the helmet is a must. It is meant to protect the rider’s head in case of impact; to reduce possible injuries and to save lives. So safety is the primary goal of the helmet. This being said and taken seriously into account, when choosing a helmet why should we stick with the familiar, unimaginative, run-of-the-mill designs that the market offers? Well, we don’t have to. Because the market offers more. There are helmets, designed not only to provide comfort and safety, but also to allow us to express our individuality on the road. Below you can see a very interesting collection of some weird, yet super cool motorcycle helmet designs. You can order the one you feel as yours or they can inspire you to create one yourself – let your imagination run wild. And enjoy the ride!

25. Custom Smiling Face Helmet by Bandit Helmets

Custom Smiling Face Helmet by Bandit Helmets

24. Creative Motorcycle Helmet Designs by GOOD

Creative Motorcycle Helmet Designs by GOOD

23. Predator Motorcycle Helmet by Nitrinos

Predator Motorcycle Helmet by Nitrinos

22. Black Ghost Helmet Mask by Helmet4You

Black Ghost Helmet Mask by Helmet4You

21. Batman Motorcycle Helmet from Devil Tail Designs

Batman Motorcycle Helmet from Devil Tail Designs 2 copy

20. Demon Skull Helmet from Devil Tail Designs

Demon Skull Helmet from Devil Tail Designs

19. Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet by San Diego Composites

Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet by San Diego Composites

18. Daft Punk Helmet by MazPowerProps

Daft Punk Helmet by MazPowerProps

17. Ghost Limited Edition Helmet by Bandit Helmets

Ghost Limited Edition Helmet by Bandit Helmets

16. Luxy Vespa Helmet by Daniel Don Chang

Luxy Vespa Helmet by Daniel Don Chang

15. Highway to Hellmet by Deryck Todd

Highway to Hellmet by Deryck Todd

14. Master Replicas Rocketeer Helmet by Master Replicas

Master Replicas Rocketeer Helmet by Master Replicas

13. Mohawk Helmet

Mohawk Helmet

12. Disco Ball Motorcycle Helmet by Natalina

Disco Ball Motorcycle Helmet by Natalina

11. Halo Inspired Motorcycle Helmet

Halo inspired motorcycle helmet

10. Unique Designed Motorcycle Helmets

Unique Designed Motorcycle Helmet

image credits: jatim dotorg on flickr

9. Crazy Motorcycle Helmet

Crazy Motorcycle Helmet

image credits: mario duque on flickr

8. Darth Vader’s Helmet

darth vader motorcycle helmet

image credits: octavito on moteroscordobeses

7. They Are So Happy to Be Here

They Are So Happy to Be Here

6. Airbrushed Fullface Motorcycle Helmets

Airbrushed Skull Motorcycle Helmets

image credits: motosiklet.net

5. Hey Kids! It’s Your Old Pal, Disturbo the Clown!

Hey kids! It’s your old pal, Disturbo the Clown!

image credits: sub5zero.com

4. Rossi’s Imitation of Edward Munch’s ‘The Scream’

Rossi's imitation of Edward Munch's 'The Scream'

2. Cool Green Monsxter Bike Helmet

Cool Green Monsxter Bike Helmet

image credits: omnimoto.it

2. Be Sure to Empty the Pockets Before Washing!

Be sure to empty the pockets before washing!

1. Santa Helmet

Santa Helmet